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Since 2014, our customers have enjoyed the convenience of receiving batteries delivered to their home as well as protection for their hearing aids. Learn how you can protect your investment and receive these added benefits of being a My Essentials member.

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Are you a hearing aid customer and interested in protecting your hearing instruments?

Join My Essentials and have peace of mind that your investment in your hearing is protected as well as these benefits:

  • Monthly Newsletter filled with insightful articles and activities
  • Batteries delivered to your door each month
  • Exclusive Members Only shopping site
  • Access to a wide selection of hearing aid protection plans

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"Oh, I would never be the person to lose my hearing aid. Well, guess what I did and I was so thankful I had My Essentials. When I purchased My Essentials, I thought it was a good value because I received a eight pack of batteries each month, a newsletter with puzzles, and money savings on various items..."

M. Davis, My Essentials Customer

No Batteries? No Problem!

If you have rechargeable hearing aids we have a plan for you as well. Enjoy My Essentials member benefits including coverage for your hearing aids and charger. 

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